Project Management

Wherever you are in your partnership journey, you can rely on our knowledge, experience, processes and tools to help manage your partnership projects. Our project management services broadly fall into these three categories:

Strategy development & plans

  • Research and identification of opportunities
  • Outreach to potential partners
  • Evaluate existing partnerships
  • Co-design different partnership models
  • Build your partnership roadmap
  • Co-create detailed plans for implementation
    • Objectives, tactics and metrics
    • Communication / Marketing strategy
  • Embed successful partnerships into your organization
  • Develop thoughtful partnership exit strategies

Implementation and evaluation

  • Develop governance model and decision-making guidelines
  • Ensure alignment of team skillset / capabilities with partnership goals
  • Assist with partnership stakeholder communication
  • Support with marketing of partnership to external audiences
  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative partnership evaluations


  • Conduct research on sources of funding
  • Connect with potential investors
  • Develop creative shared value proposals
  • Grant proposal writing