We help companies win more business with the Government

Confused about how the military allocates its budget and decides where to spend its money? You’re not alone. Fact is that many companies need help navigating the military's complex procurement process.

Good news is that we can help. With our diverse and experienced team, WBMV is uniquely positioned to offer you a host of services to help you win contracts.

When you hire WBMV, you work directly with our senior partners, including a former Ambassador, a retired 3-star General (who is the only person in over 30 years to have led and managed all areas of the Army’s planning and budget process), and other seasoned global private sector executives.

Here are some of the unique services we provide companies like yours

Education on the acquisition and procurement process

·   Understanding how the Department of Defense planning, programming, budgeting, and execution system works.

·   Support with understanding how requirements are developed and managed.

·   Understanding how the Defense Acquisition System works.

Military expertise and connections

·   Education on how the Services and Defense Agencies are organized, equipped, and employed.

·   Support with understanding individual responsibilities (who does what and when) within the defense acquisition cycle.

·   Making connections and establishing relationships within current military personal and veterans.

·   Assistance with understanding the current state of the Defense market

Strategic Advice and Assistance

·   Continuous support and guidance through the complexities of doing business with the Department of Defense.

·   Input to key briefings, proposals and presentations.

·   Business reviews and strategy sessions with your senior leadership team

·   Assistance with market and competitor analysis and insights.

·   Development of marketing strategies and operational plans

·   Communication strategy and message development.

·   Support with identifying and prioritizing program funding opportunities and possible acquisition strategies

·   Assistance in understanding service requirements and navigating through the acquisition capture process

·   Identifying partners and subcontracting opportunities

·   Providing on-going analysis of DOD programs and budgets

·   Act as a source of advice and sounding board for key decision makers.

Business Development

·   Assistance in the development of long-term business growth plans.

·   Assistance in pinpointing program opportunities in the Defense Marketplace.

·   Support with the identification of product or service off-takers.

·   Identification of additional growth opportunities for your business outside of Government.

·   Support in quantifying and prioritizing new business opportunities.

·   Support in executing the business development plans.

·   Making connections and establishing relationships with cross sector (military, government, private sector, NGO) partners and decision makers.


We help companies bridge the gap between strategy and execution

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” Sun Tzu – The Art of War

This timeless quote was written some 2500 years ago, but it’s never been more relevant. As a business owner, you are constantly asked to balance sound strategy with operational tactics.

At WBMV, we help companies like yours identify and prioritize growth opportunities, and then find solutions to implement them, quickly.

Our team has vast strategic and operational experience across the commercial, military and inter-governmental sectors. Coupled with our extensive global network, this puts in a unique position to help you realize your long-term vision.

Our services include

Uncovering new growth opportunities

·   Analysis of your market and competitive environment.

·   Assessment of your current strategy, product / service offerings, initiatives, and partnerships.

·   Identification of marketplace opportunities that drive value over both short and long term.

·   Prioritization of growth opportunities and strategy development.

Solutions to access the growth opportunities

·   Identification of potential solutions (internal and external) to support execution of the prioritized growth opportunities.

·   Assistance in identifying and evaluating potential partners.

·   Making connections and establishing relationships with cross sector (private sector, NGO, government) partners and decision makers.

·   Access to connections and support in developing financing opportunities.

Aligning resources to enable execution

·   Assistance in developing clear actionable objectives and metrics to support your goals and effectively track progress and performance.

·   Support in securing commitments and delivery from internal and external partners.

·   Support in structuring mutually beneficial partnership models.

·   Assistance in developing partnership governance models.

·   Input to key briefings, meetings and presentations.

·   Participation in key meetings when required – briefings and presentations.

·   Advice and support in managing key internal and external interdependencies and relationships.

·   Act as a source of advice and sounding board for key decision makers.

·   Support in reviewing progress against plans and making revisions in light of new information.

·   Support in executing the business development plans.

Marketing and Communication support

·   Development of marketing strategies and plans in support of your growth strategies and plans.

·   Communication strategy and message development in support of your strategies and plans.

·   Brand and communication management to ensure continuous alignment with strategies.

·   Assistance in managing alignment and support of partners in amplifying marketing and communications.

·   Lead generation, customer relationship management, social media marketing.

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