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Truth is, we’re stronger and more successful when we work together. That’s what we specialize in.

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We've had the opportunity to collaborate with Eric, Simon, Sebastian and their team in the social impact space since 2016, and we've been leveraging their wisdom to create meaningful impact ever since. They taught us early on the value of the convening power of partnerships - a fundamental philosophy with a focus on value creation for civil society, government, and business. This philosophy has shaped our Base of the Pyramid Group strategies and driven our focus to leverage the best of philanthropic and commercial approaches to enable scalable economically sustainable social enterprises.

Thomas Putzer
Managing Principal: Base of the Pyramid Group, Office of the Chairman & CEO. SC Johnson

Simon and team understand the key role that partnerships can play in addressing complex global issues, and their commitment to creating value and finding a win-win for all stakeholders was instrumental in the success of our work with them.

Karen Sendelback
National Director of Partner Engagement, World Vision


In a relatively short time, WBMV has become an integral part of our extended leadership team. Our vision to create a globally scalable and regenerative business model aligns well with their capability. Eric and Simon are extremely professional and personable and brought a number of contacts, ideas and options to the table to help realize this vision for CRDC. WBMV’s network of partners is helping us develop our business and I look forward to continuing working with them to expand our global footprint.

Don Thomson
Founder and Chairman, CRDC