BLOG > ChatGPT won't take your job (yet..)


5 key takeaways from my experience so far

Skynet is here! Well, not quite yet, but it may well arrive in some format in the near future. For the time being, mortals like us are confined to experimenting with AI. Undoubtedly awesome, surprisingly little has been said about how we’re voluntarily offering our collective brains to make these tools even better. Where it will all lead is anyone’s guess.  

But enough about the doom and gloom of AI, I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and have these observations:


1. It’s a fantastic productivity tool.  In some cases, it will speed up your task, but mostly it will make the final product of what you’re producing better, which leads to the next point.

2. Know how to ask the right question. As a friend of mine said, it’s about how good our own directions are for it, and this will become a critical skill, a bit like you’re now a conductor of an orchestra.  

3.  It won’t think for you beyond a basic level. I find Chat GPT a bit like a very smart intern, can answer all of the questions you ask it, but it needs your guidance, direction, and original content to truly provide great output. 

4. It won’t take your job (yet), because of reasons 1-3, but it will make us a lot better at our current jobs. More productive, better output, only limited by your own imagination. 

5. The AI revolution will change everything and is only now beginning. In the short term, this includes predictions of a current economic slowdown (unlikely to happen due to productivity gains), your children’s future employment, changes to education, and upending just about every other industry you can think of. 

And, for those who are curious, I did not ask ChatGPT for help writing this article – neither editing nor content. Suspect that if I did, it may have been slightly more run of the mill average (for the time being)