Brand Strategy & Communications

We offer our clients a range of brand and communications services to complement the work we do on advancing partnerships. As in other areas, our approach is to work with you to achieve your long-term strategy and vision.

We leverage our considerable world-wide experience to help guide your brand and communications strategy, alignment of messaging and content, and training needs.

Brand Strategy

Partnerships can be transformative to your business, but they cannot be built in a vacuum. They must be rooted in your strategy to ensure you capture the right growth opportunities, and in doing so, grow your brand and your bottom line.

A good brand strategy brings together your brand growth strategy and your brand positioning and architecture, to ensure that you identify and address the prioritized growth opportunities in a way that is consistent with what you want your brand to stand for in people’s hearts and minds.

At WBMV we can help you:

  • Develop brand strategy
    • Brand growth strategy
    • Brand positioning and architecture
  • Identify new partnerships that bring your brand strategy to life
  • Evaluate your existing partnerships and their ability to deliver against your current brand strategy


At WBMV we offer fresh and unique perspectives on your company and industry – which only someone at a remove can provide. As your strategic business partner, we help you create an actionable communications plan by focusing on your messaging, target audience, value proposition and EOPS (earned/owned/paid/shared) strategy.

Understanding your audience is key to an effective marketing and communications strategy. What kind of world do they live in? What are their business needs? What interests them beyond work? How do they usually access information? Besides customers, what other audiences, whether prospective & current employees, lenders, brokers or industry organizations, are out there? At WBMV, we help guide your strategy by doing a deep dive into all these questions.

Training & Workshops

Developing the right skillset in your team is fundamental to successful partnerships. Training is also a great way to increase engagement by bringing together the different partners. These working sessions can be tailored to your needs, and can include capability building, communications, strategy sessions, or even a project specific workshop.

At WBMV, we have many years of experience successfully conducting workshops and training for Fortune 500 companies, the Military and UN Agencies, and can share those practical insights and experiences with your team.